This isn't really a question. Just a little advice I thought I should share, mainly for girls, but guys you are welcome too. Haha whynot?

This is a little advice to any girl stuck on that one guy as Katy Perry best puts it "the one that got away". Anyways, trust me, you WILL get over him. If I can get over a guy I was hung up on for 2 years and only dated for two weeks then I swear you can. And yes, I said two weeks.. pathetic i know😧. Okay, honestly I hated hearing the same crap over and over from my friends, like "oh, you deserve better" and "there's plenty of fish in the sea." 😒 honestly like yeah.. I got that when you told me for the 100th time... TODAY! And you know what? You think you're over him and the sun starts shining and you're almost believing in unicorns again.. ALMOST. Because then he says something. Something that makes you question everything. He flirts a little or says he's sorry. And the whole world crashes down. And you're just sitting there.. speechless, or maybe you flirt a little back and the cycle just continues over and over. But yes he's going to flirt, and maybe even regret ending it. But remember he ended it, and it wasn't just a decision on the fly. I mean you think about the pros and cons when you're breaking up with someone right? Well let me tell you a little secret.. guys do too. I'm sorry but you know what? Call up your friends, sit around, share some ice cream and just talk about how much you hate guys. And if you don't have friends? That's fine, you sit on that couch and eat that whole damn tub of ice cream because sharing isn't caring when your heart is broken. And here's another little thing. When you're getting over your ex you actually have to stop talking to him. I know you're probably like "Say what? 😲" but I'm serious.. for some reason I didn't understand this whole concept because I'm dumb. So a day later when he asked to be friends I agreed. Like no🙅! What was I thinking? Just kidding 😊 I know what I was thinking. See I had a whole plan,..
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I was gonna seduce him and he'd realize he was wrong and beg for me back. He wouldve showed up one day, when i least expected it singing "want you back" cher loyd. Um well either I suck at being seductive, or some alien race told him if he got back with me they'd kill his family.. because it didn't end up like that. Just allow yourself some time to get over him.
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Because you can't just get over him with a tub of ice cream or two.. because TRUST ME If that was possible me and my excess tummy fat would have more problems than we already do now. And by the way my ex are friends now but It didn't happen immediately after. And you know what? Now I'm in a happy relationship, I would even say I'm in love. The butterflies are back and I'm hoping they're here to stay this time.
~Me 😊
This isn't really a question. Just a little advice I thought I should share, mainly for girls, but guys you are welcome too. Haha whynot?
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