Is some kind of relationship, including friendship, possible after this hookup?

A few weeks ago, my friends and I went to another college for a party when one of my friends was invited by someone from that school. I met a really nice guy there (through one of my friend's friends...), and we seemed to hit it off. We didn't do too much talking after that, but there was contact and we're both really busy.

The beginning of last week, this guy asked when we were coming back. We ended up planning on meeting up on the coming weekend. Only one of my friends could come with me, but on Saturday night, we went to this other school for apparently a low key dorm party. I figured it would be good to get to know this guy.

While we waited for other people to come, he and two of his friends and my friend and I messed around in the rec room, playing ping pong, soccer, and talking a bit. I think both of us acted pretty shy towards each other though.

We all ended up in someone's dorm room and played King's Cup. I ended up pretty drunk, but easily coherent. I think he was about the same.

My friend and I agreed riding the bus back to school wouldn't go well, so the guy said it was fine if we spent the night. My friend ended up on the floor in a sleeping bag, and I ended up in his bed. One thing led to another, and we made out, and I ended up giving him a blow job. Since that was my first time and I was still feeling the effects of the alcohol, I can't guarantee it was very good.

The next morning didn't seem too awkward. He was still really nice and everything, and he invited us back.

I texted him Monday asking how this orienteering meet he was in Sunday went. He told me, I asked if the competitions were open to people not from his school, because I'd like to try it (and I would and always have). He answered "Yup." I told him to keep me posted on it then. And that was it. Period.

What should I do? I really want to get to know him better, but I'm worried I screwed up.


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What Guys Said 1

  • If he was into he would have contacted you. Maybe it was just a hook up for him, nothing more. I could be wrong but if a guy is really into he will contact you, ask you out try to meet you again. If you hook up with a guy you don't really like you don't go out of your way to chase him do you unless you just want a hook up nothing more.


What Girls Said 1

  • Here's my opinion- well two answers really. Yes, you screwed up. You shouldn't have given him a blow job and slept in this bed. However, this is 2010- so let's move on. If he doesn't call you or text you it isn't because your bj was bad, and it's not because you were a little bit easy. It is because he has discovered he doesn't really like you at least enough to want to call you.

    By the way, of course he called you the next day to hangout- you were fun and you did put out. What guy isn't in to that.

    Now, what should you do. Absolutely nothing toots. Leave it alone, I know it's hard. If a guy is interested he call or texts, If he doesn't he is not interested. Easy as that.

    Now, if he does finally call you, do not fall all over him again, etc. or you will be a booty call and that is all.

    Oh yeah, and remember something- your hot no matter what!


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