I dnno what to do now?

i slept with my ex today
his way hotter than before
and even think he saw things in me that he used to like!
Saw his glowy eyesโœจ
He huged me/kissed me (I missed all that)
felt his wormth
What am I supposed to do now? ๐Ÿ˜•


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  • That is so mind-boggling/cutesy! Your ex is hotter than before? I thought as time went on people became less hot? *scratches head* It sounds like you had a great time! My advice would be lacking in experience, knowledge, and expertise on this subject, so I will refrain from giving any.


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  • Well , its more about you and him. Do you want to get back with him? Does he want that too?

    • I may want to
      He doesn't
      He maybe is falling for me or another girl
      Besides he was teasing me by telling me that he slept with other girls when he couldn't sleep with anyone except me
      He was about to tell me something about his new life without me but I didn't quit get it
      He has no girlfriend, no time for love, and ehhh (meaning yess in Arabic) didn't understand that
      Maybe he missed me, wants to get back, but doesn't have time for love
      I didn't understand anything he never told me after that
      I missed him it's been 6 months apart ๐Ÿ˜”
      Or maybe it's all in my head or his teasing me againn

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    • Besides I asked him why didn't you have sex with other girls coz he had told me yes I did and I was nice but when I saw him I asked him and he said I didn't actually I just wanted to see your reaction to this
      So I asked why didn't you? Your loyal?(in a sarcastic way) he answered yes but not that but because I couldn't! I tried to get it 50 times on my hands and I couldn't end getting horny I had to fuck you! What is that? What does that mean?

    • @Asker, sounds like you are the one that lifts his eh... gun.. lol Guess he is into you somehow but I wonder how serious he is about you.