Should I Let Her Go?

I been married for 9yrs faithfully. Her 32 yr old son been living off us 7yrs in our home. His 5yr old daughter is stay with us to. I raised her since she were born. Herl work part time, lazy, don't spend time with his daughter, don't help out on bills, stay in the room playing vedios , drink to much etc. He won't take advice, & don't want to be a real man, father and get his life together. This got my marriage on the rocks. I talked to her about it many times through out the years & nothing change. I even talked to him & he gets an attitude & lie to his mother that I'm tripping & being mean. His mother & I talk to him & he lie that he will help out, do better but never does. But his mother believe in him & give him a lot of sympathy. Her & I seperated 2 months recently & she cried about getting back together & that he will stay with his dad... Another year has pass & he still here. I tried everything to save & nourish my marriage. Work, cook, clean etc. I want a divorce... enough is enough. I'm so fed up!!! What should I do?
Should I Let Her Go?
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