What to do. What to do. 21.

ill try and keep this short and sweet because I know people don't like to read huge long descriptions...

So I've been with this boyfriend for about 5 months now and its been wonderful but all the sudden we have been fighting almost everyday a big part of most of our fights is that I'm not 21 and he is and so are most of my friends so I keep feeling ditched and left out...

Last weekend was a practice St. Patty's day and my boyfriend said the on Friday night that he would stay with me when everyone else went out Saturday during the day but we were all drinking Saturday morning at my house and he decided all the sudden that he wanted to go and left me and went out with all of my friends and roommates without pretending like he even cared especially when I said he promised he would stay with me... he said he made that promise when he was drunk... did I have a right to be mad at him? and..

Does anyone have any tips about how to deal with not being 21 when all your friends and boyfriend are? I know I take it out on him sometimes but that's because I kinda look up to him in that he won't ditch me.. and I know my friends are good friends and I know they wanna have fun but sometimes its ridiculous when they go out to the bars sometimes like on Tuesday nights leaving me home alone

I have a fake but I'm hesitant to use it sometimes because it works most of the time but not all of the time and I'm really afraid about getting in trouble.. my best friend is giving me her ID to use when I go to San Diego for spring break

Does anyone have any tips about using IDs that aren't yours or any stories it would really help thanks!


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  • I thought you were going to keep this short and sweet...

    on medication, changed haircut, been sick put on lost wieght everyone says that don't act nervous, think of plesant things, don't talk to much ... remember the details. star signs included.


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  • Obviously your boyfriend knew going in that you weren't old enough to go to the bar. As such, he should have been prepared to make allowances for that. One of my best friends went through the same thing with her boyfriend. He was old enough to drink and she wasn't and it caused a lot of problems because he wasn't willing to make allowances. He just wanted to go out and party. I find it really callous that someone can claim to care about someone but simply cannot resist going to the bar every weekend. If he cares about you, he'd try to arrange it so you two can be together. Either have people over at your house or maybe even go to a club where they let people 18 and over in. You may not be able to drink, but at least you could be together.

    If he's ignoring you like this, it may be (pardon the cliche) that he's just not that into you. So, try explaining to him how you feel left out and the he's making no effort to make sure you're included. Tell him you care about him, but if you don't come to some sort of a compromise...it's unfair for you to continue on in a relationship where you are always feeling left out. If he can't empathize with that, then move on and find someone who can.


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