Need to break up with this guy but I don't know how. Advice?

We met online and talked for a month then started seeing eachother for about a month now. I don't fee likes its going to work out in the long run. He is a great guy, I just don't see it working, he is three hours away which already makes it hard especially because he doesn't have a car right now. He is in the military and that means where he lives he doesn't have a choice in. I'm in school for policing and once I'm done this December I'll be looking for work. It's a competitive field to get into even as a women and where he is posted they only have provincial police which I could apply for but since they are provincial they can send me anywhere in the province. If I do military police they can potentially send me anywhere in Canada if we got married is the only want to have us posted together and that can take time due to military needing to rearrange things for us.

I like him but we aren't that serious yet so I feel like it's better to break things off now. He has had a horrible childhood and he's shared that with me and I know I make him happy so I feel really bad to break things off and I'm very shy about it so I don't know how especially with the distance I feel he deserves in person but that's 6 hours if I did it in one day.
Need to break up with this guy but I don't know how. Advice?
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