Do I have a chance in getting my future soul mate back?

we have been fighting for a week and today i send her a gift and she said oh my god frank (monkey emoji)
she knows that i like her and she told we should wait and she is not seeing anyone so i shouldn't worry about a thing
after the fight she said that she lost all trust and respect with me
then i told her i am sorry and she said i appreciate it that you are trying to gain my trust and respect back
what can i do to make her trust me more then ever and to really fall again in love with me


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  • Well, trust and respect once lost is very hard to gain back. Trust is something that once lost will never be the same ever again, yes it can be fixed but it will never be 100% again, not like before.

    Hence all you can do is show by your actions that you are a better person, and the fact she said she appreciate that you are trying to gain her trust is a good thing. Just do what you are doing now, and then leave it on her.

  • ... well probably just continue on with what you're doing now, since apparently it's working.

  • Keep calm and she will back stop act like you're too needy