Why don't guys give girls the REAL reason for dumping them?

Ive been in several relationships were it starts off were everything is perfect and we both can't get enough of each other, then after a couple weeks I start to notice them distancing themselves. I know its coming so I try to b on my best behavior lol only to still get dumped with lame ass excuses like ur too goofy me: " So, your breaking up with me cause I can laugh things off, or have a little fun even if I look silly?" This one I love...I babysit my two little sisters during the day so I can't go anywhere until their mother gets home, and sometimes I like some company while thy nap...him: "but your sisters gt on my nerves and you always have them" me: "you only come over when thy take a nap?" so all these lame excuses aren't helping me so what's the real reason? what else could it be? how can you dump someone under circumstances thy can not change?


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  • either theyre trying to be nice... or maybe you might just date d***s! lol sweetie you're cute but you really need to find guys who try to go out of their way for you not the other way around. you need a guy who loves you for who you are even if you are hella goofy or have babysitting duties. maybe you need a dude with a better sense of humor like you and who don't mind kids! ;) f***! I'm goofy and can't be with a girl who can't be goofy too. so maybe try to get a guy who isn't so uptight and serious and would rather hang out with you with the kids than not hang out with you at all.

    also let them know who you are in the beginning. tell them hey I'm hella goofy and I take care of my family. if you don't like that than save yourself! lol

    well anyways goodluck to the future! XD things will work out promise! ;)


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  • We are trying to be nice and not hurt your feelings, does it really matter, you just have to find the person that is right for you, everyone is different.

    • But I can take it!! lol I'm not a baby if ya don't wanna b withme I can deal with that...just tll me what I did so I don't do it again:/

    • Its nothing you did, just be who you are everyone is different, some people get on beter together, personality types, like try a myer brigs test to see what you are like and what type of relatonships you prefer. Some things you can't explain eg girl was seeing just made me feel anxious, played head games, conversations ended in mental exhaustion. How do you explain that, no reason just didn't work out she can't change who she is can't fix it.

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  • uhh I hate that

    really its because "I'm getting bored and I just wanna f*** other girls" isn't the most PC thing for a guy to say


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