Is My Ex- Girlfriend Still Interested?

My ex Girlfriend whom I dated and lived with for about year, has been hanging out with me for the past 2 weeks everyday, or at least texts or calls. She has a boyfriend who is in the army and in a whole other province ( I AM CANADIAN) lol They have only been dating for a month, and he's been gone for 3 weeks of the month, She wants to hangout with me all the time, But I'm not sure if she wants us to be "Just friends" or if she has other plans. I mean she tells me that we are just going to be friends, but I have a feeling that she might have other plans. What do you think?

ive been seeing her nearly every day and she signed up at the same gm I've been going to and has asked me to be her "workout buddy". ever now and again shell have an "argument with her newfound boyfriend" and shell be sure to tell me


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  • she does seem to look at you as a close frend. but also be careful if something happense bet you guys when she already got a boyfriend and she leaves you her friend. is she break off with her boyfriend and shows her interest to you then its a good sign:)

  • generally speaking from my experience, people never let go of their ex...they will always be a part of them no matter who they date later. I would say don't think about what she might be thinking-- maybe she is lonely, misses having you in your life, just needs a friend who knows a well(that is you). I would say just meet her and see where things turn out too. everything happens for good!


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