How do you end a friendship?

Almost a year ago a met a guy online, had a very VERY short relationship, stayed somewhat friends with benefits, then I wanted to move on. He convinced me that we could still be friends and I was okay with that, as long as he knew that it would be just friends then.

Well it turns out he can't handle being only friends because it's impossible to have any conversation without him inevitably commenting on how great my ass is, or when I'm coming over to cuddle, how much he wants to have sex with me etc. I don't think it's funny or charming or in any way wooing me and he gets defensive saying he's just joking and 'obviously respects me and our friendship'. He managed to stop for a little bit the last time I brought this up but now it's starting again and I'm completely over it at this point.
How do you end a friendship?
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