What to expect from my ex-girlfriend?

I'm a bit confused of what to expect.. we've broken up on and off multiple times and each time she initiated contact with me and we ended up getting back together. Everything was well until she admitted she had sex with her ex during a time we broke up, we were broken up for 20days when it happend and she told me this months later on the phone, last night and she regretted the sex.. I was polite about it and told her it was ok, when really it bothered me even though we wernt together at the time.. i felt if a girl still had feelings and everything they couldn't have sex with another guy so fast. She was really into me, so i purposely said mean things to get her to hate me, to really top it off i sent her a picture of a girl i just started talking to and she replied that she hated me so much.. then a few hours later she sent me a picture of a guy.. we stopped talking and i started feeling bad and told her i did everything on purpose as a favor to get her to hate me and be over me since i wasn't comfortable with what happend.. she told me i did a great job but the guy she sent a picture of was an old picture from years ago but had texted him for advice, after a few more texts she said she doesn't see any reason for us to be talking anymore and said have a good night and good luck with everything, i said the same back... what should i expect in the future from her? Am i in the clear or will she text me again?
What to expect from my ex-girlfriend?
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