My boyfriend says he wants no attachment?

So me and Adam have been together 3 years. He has his depressed moments and takes it out on me.I try talking to him but nothing works. Recently he says he doesn't want to be attached to me as much and he has only seen me 1 time in two weeks,he also never calls me or answers my call and I rarely call him...what do I do?and I also think he is cheating on me with his ex .I'm thinking about cheating since he treats me like crap,i really don't want to but I don't know what else to do.My patience is gone.


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  • Regardless of everything else, is this someone you want to be with? Is this what you want your relationship with him to be like? If your answer is no (which I hope it was), you need to leave this guy. He's neglecting you emotionally anyway.

    The change in him can be due to cheating, or some kind of lying. You need to be aware of that.

    You just need to call him today, and tell him it's over. Stop letting him string you along then you need to erase his number and no contact with him. They you need to go out more and find a new guy who doesn't pull this.


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  • It could be an excuse for him to get more time to spend with someone else. Usually when I'm depressed the last thing I want is to be on my own more often. I'd not reccomend cheating on him, as that would put you in the wrong and people would probably get told such and such about you. It's better to confront him, if he gives you the impression he is cheating you should leave him. Then you can go after whoever you want and it doesn't make you seem like the bad person at all, because you're not.


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  • Did you ask ADAM why, this sudden change... It is not like he os saying I do not want to BECOME attached...

    You guys are already together, so ask him what's up. He owes you that much & make him give you an actual explanation...

    If he refuses well that is your answer & you are better to lave him before yo really feel much worse, & you be the one to do it do not with for him. - He sounds like a prick.


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