Cheating On Boyfriend?

Iv been with my boyfriend for 2years now and throughout the relationship he's lied about three times. When we started dating he told me he never cheated on his ex and later I confronted him and he said he lied and that he had. I thought this was OK because it was still the beginning of the relationship and he probably didn't want me thinking he would do that to me. Than 1year and 11 months later he saw this girl whom I told him not to see because he use to speak to her a lot when he came to see me and he made me really uncomfortable by doing so and I simply asked him not too. I spoke to that girl few months later to find out he lied and went to see her anyway despite how I felt and what I told him. We continued with the relationship and it was getting better and six months later he confessed a more bigger lie. I always wondered if he and his ex were sexual active together and he always told me he wasn't and that he was a virgin when he got with me but 2years and one month later he told me he was sexually active with her when I asked him again if he was. I'm finding this really hard as he is my first everything. I often wonder if he thinks back about her when he's with me and all sorts. Slowly I'm thinking of wanting to meet other guys... it may be considered cheating? but help!- I just don't know what to do... I love him a lot and I know he loves me.. and he's not gonna continue to lie but how do I move past this? I get nightmares 3nyts a week and its been 3months nearly!


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  • I don't think you should meet other guys. You will probably lose your respect if you do. in my opinion, I think you should just break up. You have self-respect and you have to defend that. Talk about it and if you see something wrong, just break up with him.

    Thank you!


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  • Ok lets take a step back and have a look at this rationally...

    Your boyfriend has lied to you consistently and he's making you unhappy because he can't or won't be honest with you.

    He blantantly disrespected your wishes not to contact this certain girl and still went ahead and did so.

    So..what's your next move?

    Personally I would break up with him, but it sounds like you need a bit of time (and I'll say this in capitals to really stress my point) ON YOUR OWN. You need to regain your self confidence after being worn down by this bloke. Going out and seeing other boys at this moment in time is not the best way of moving forward. You're better off out of it, because if its bad now, imagine what things will be like further down the road and worst still if you're married and have kids with this guy.

    Don't have any more contact with him after you've broken up, if you're finding it difficult now, you'll sure as hell find 1000 times harder once you're not seeing him.

    You need a bit of time by yourself, to start living your life again and not worrying about what some low life is geting up to behind your back.

    Best of luck and much love xxx


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