Should I break up with my first boyfriend and how?

Today is our two month anniversary and he's already talking about marriage and saying he loves me but It's going way too fast. I really liked him but and I can't figure out why I don't anymore.
I know he deserves someone ten times better than me. He wants to kiss and I still think it's gross.
I don't want to have sex yet and I know he's ready. I don't like getting really touchy feely and that's all he wants to do... I know those are normal dating things but I don't want them right now I'd rather just be single and find myself.

I'm also moving to NY next month and he plans on staying here, he's sad that I'm leaving but I'm pretty sure I'll kill myself if I stay here and that's not because of him at all.
I feel so bad because I can tell he cares about me but I don't want him to throw his life away waiting for me to get mine together.

If I'm going to be with him I don't want it to be because he likes me because I know he needs better.
I just don't know what to say/do
Should I break up with my first boyfriend and how?
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