Ex girlfriend wants to be friends, but why?

My ex and I have been broken up for 3 month now...we hadn't talked since beginning of Feb...I asked her to breakfast last weekend and it went really really well..she said it feels so right tone around me and that she's happy again because we're talking...anyways I was taking things slow...she was texting me all day Monday and I would text back..we would flirt then say how she missed me and us blah blah

Tuesday it started out the same...then in the afternoon out of nowhere she said she can't talk to me like this anymore and that she goes crazy with her feelings about me and that she feels like she's still mind even tho she's not- now she is seeing someone at the moment, not sure if that has anything to do with it...but now she still wants to be Friends just not talk as we did Monday and Tuesday with flirting and missing one another..

The first month or so of our relationships I would still talk to my girl friends and say I miss you u look good how have you been etc...but I always told my girlfriend she was beautiful and everything to me...I stopped out of respect for her and lost contact with a lot of them...I too he for granted as well ugh I don't know why I just thought I'd never lose her and by the time I stopped taking her for granted It seemed too late... We both agree if it's meant to be it's meant to be...she said she would never feel the same with anyone else and she wants me in her life because I was such a huge part of it...

I just don't understand why, I mean I get I was a huge part of her life, but when I try talking about my social life she gets jealous and all this stuff so I'm not quiet sure why she wants to stay friends wth me...is she scared I'm going to repeat who I was, does she want me around because she wants me In the end? I just don get why she wants to be such good friends but doesn't wanna see/hear me with another girl ever because shed be hurt...whyyy whyy whyy someone please help me with some advice as to why she still wants me around if she's with a guy that makes her happy ATM? She even said she doesn't feel the same with her new "bf" but he makes her happy and safe..is she juat scared I really haven't changed? Do you think she eventually wants to be with me after gaining my trust back?

Thanks for reading...any help is appreciated


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  • She just want to reconnect.


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