Ex just sent me a text?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me almost 2 months ago. Earlier today, I received a text from him after not having any contact. He just said Hey, how are you? I have been dating someone for almost a month now and am very happy. Things are going smoothly. I'm not sure why he would text me since he was the one who broke things off. I have not missed him since I met my new guy. I'm still friends on FB with a few of his family members.
Should I ignore him or be civil and respond? I'm pretty much indifferent to this, so it wouldn't matter either way. Just looking for your views on how you would handle something like this?
Ignore him. You're happier now.
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Respond to him. See what he says.
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+1 y
**Update**... He wanted to take me on a motorcycle ride this weekend, after I clearly stated I was seeing someone. He hasn't changed, still all about his needs. The door remains closed ;)
Ex just sent me a text?
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