Should I hang out with my ex?

Basically, Our relationship was over before it starts he did treat me like a Queen till a day where we hit rock bottom that we couldn't get pass it our relationship moved fast
but we broke up almost 2 years ago it's was a really bad break up
I become bittersweet over the past years I would not explain what happen since
I'm at a good place where I don't want talk about it.
He Ignores me When I should've been the person who should ignore him.

I become the bitter crazy ex What happen between us almost ruin both our life.

A week ago he message me asking me Do I want hang out sometimes?

I want to Ignores him just like he did toward me.

I want to Ask him why you message me

I want to say k but keep it moving

I feel once I healed my wound I don't care to harass him or play mind games.

I guess I'm fully over the breakup like no hateful toward him no love lost.

I don't trust him he kind of guy who would leave his wife with 2 kids for a young fresh hot single chick.

I believe he has motives very sneaky liar

I can show him I'm not interested... by not replying back

I can tell him I moved on message him back I don't see a point lie & say I have a boyfriend

when I wanted to be a friend he didn't now joke on him lol he doesn't need to chase me I'm over it all I don't care if he doesn't message me again

Update: I want to have a face to face conversation explain to him why things happen n our relationship & after? Guys just don't like to listen or give closure or just explain

I'm more mature about everything that happens I won't either try to make him feel guilty like I done n past wanted him feel my hurt

I don't want him back or miss him I moved forward

I have been single since the break up It's have nothing do with him

I'm holding myself back not putting no effort plus I'm trying work on myself


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  • doesn't sound like you should hang out with him. based on what you've said it sounds like you are better off continuing to move forward with your life and hanging out with him will most likely mean you are stepping back towards something that was pretty negative in your life


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  • I wouldn't. Because of feelings!

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