Have u ever waited on someone u really love?

Ok so I've been in a relationship with this older guy for a while now. Things were very serious (very)!!
He would always tell me that he wanted to settle down with me and have kids and form a family together and all those wonderful things...
before we actually started dating though, he did mention to me that he had this "court case" and that he use to live with someone in the past, but no longer living with them anymore.
So to be more specific, he is married but only so he can get citizenship..
I told him that it I was ok with that because he no longer has feelings for that woman and he's just in it for the citizenship. So in other words, they don't have any relationship other than him just getting citizenship from her.
So now, after 5 months later of being with him he calls me and he tells me that because of his "court case" that he can't be with me during that process because it can interfere with him getting his citizenship because supposedly that woman had found out. And that this case would close until 2017!

But the point here is that, he said "we can't be together during this process. If God wills that everything turns out ok and ur still single well we can give this another shot. But for the meantime this stops me from being in a relationship with u. Or having a relationship whatsoever"
i was very sad when he told me this.
I cried So much.
So I just want to know about anybody else... Have u ever waited for someone? I mean my case is sooooo much more different to relate to. But I just want to know, is it possible to wait for someone u really love? Is there any hope? Or do u think he will communicate with me sooner or later? Do u think he can actually go a whole year without talking to me? (the girl he loves & wants to build a family with)
PLEASE IF ANYONE CAN GIVE ME SOME TYPE OF ANSWER, SUPPORT, or HOpe I would appreciate it so much❤️❤️❤️


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  • I can understand this. I think he was only being honest with you, I can understand you cried, but then you should be proud of him that he was being honest with you. He could be right may be that's a procedure. You can trust him.

    No, I have never had a situation like you, I have always been single. However to answer your questions

    1. " Is it possible to wait for someone u really love?"

    Yes, it's possible to wait, however that's your choice also, I mean if you want to wait you can but then it can take time so it also depends on how much patience you have as a person.

    2. "Is there any hope"?

    Yes, I think there is hope for you.

    3. " Or do u think he will communicate with me sooner or later"?

    Yes, I think he will communicate with you either sooner or later.

    4. "Do you think he can actually go for a whole year without talking to you"?

    Well, given your situation it's clear that he doesn't want to do this, but he has to because it's a process, and so he won't be doing this out of his will, not because he wants to do it, it's because he has to do this.

    Hence I think it will be difficult for him to go without talking to you.


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  • I waited for my freind to get over my not returning her romantic feeling. I waited for my girlfreind to be ready to date again. I waited for my girlfreind to become freinds with my family and freinds. However I would definetly not wait around in your situation.


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  • I waited 14 months on my ex when he was deployed, we lived seperated for almost 3 years but we always talked during that time... However in your case... DONT WAIT!! If he went after you while being married (and even if it is only for the citizenship [which will make this a criminal act] ) ... My saying and it has never proofen me wrong "once a cheater always a cheater" ... You're young and you will find someone who loves you without making you wait or going behind someone's back

  • I would reguardless.