She's addicted to Games. How do I fix this?


I've been dating this girl for 3 months now and I feel as if she enjoys playing video games too much. What should I do, at first it was all good cause I play games too like League and Dota, but I'm not as hardcore as she is.

She plays at an internet cafe because her house does not have good internet. I love her but it is starting to hurt me. Despite all the hints that all point to the undeniable fact that she is straining the relationship, she would insist that she would be wasting the day as she does not have anything else to do at home. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and let her continue going out to the cafe (s). Unfortunately, I have reached my limit. She plays from 5pm - 2am.

I do not want to lose her but I need to let her know that if she keeps this up she would lose me. What should I do? Would giving her the silent treatment help? I've tried confronting her but she's a very negative person and would prefer distracting herself with games. When I told her I was worried about her, she said that she didn't like the way I was talking and she was worried that she might have done something wrong. She then proceeded to end the call and sleep it all off.

Last night, I tried to coax her to rest and get some sleep because she had been playing since 5pm and when she messaged me it was 11pm. She instead told me to play with her so I did and we played till 2 in the morning before we both left and decided to head home and sleep. But when she got back home, her friends from the cafe messaged and called her, invited her to go play with them at 7am. She would not have to tell me but she seemed to need my approval. She then jokingly told me that her friends called her and I knew that she wanted to go. Which made me feel as though my opinion didn't matter. I don't want to have to keep emphasizing that its hurting me just cause it sounds like I'm nagging.

I really love her and she always tells me that she loves me, but this is slowly becoming a big issue.
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p. s We dated for 6 months before becoming exclusive. We've only been officially together for 3 months.
She's addicted to Games. How do I fix this?
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