In love with my ex husband what do I do now?

Hi separated 2 years divorced 1. 2 children together.
As the title says I still love him and just want my family back together. I have had 2 short term relationships with other men which didn't work out and to be honest I couldn't give myself fully because my ex husband is still there in my heart and head. We have been good friends post divorce, spent a lot of time together and I guess my feelings have crossed over in hoping there's another chance to try again.
I told him two months ago how I feel and wish I hadn't in the sense he said he doesn't feel the same and is moving on. He has a girlfriend of 3 months. He said he has too much resentment in his heart for me at the moment to contemplate getting back together. Then the next moment he is saying he would never say never and in 6 months or a years time he might have feelings for me again. He said he doesn't love me romantically anymore. I understand his focus is on his new girlfriend. I feel I have to take a step back from him now to protect my feelings and not be there for him like before then we have time to adjust to life without relying on each other.
When I told him I can't have the same relationship anymore with him he said he felt very upset and hurt.
Is he wanting his cake and eat it? Ie I'm a backup option if things end with his girlfriend? Is he likely to eventually make his way back to me? I am trying to play it cool but friendly, I always look nice around him and don't ask about his personal stuff.
By the way his girlfriend has two children he's told me he doesn't want to meet them and he said it's not serious with her and will have a shelf life. Is he just having fun to help him heal and recover from the divorce and will evaluate where he is at a later date?
Has any divorcees reconciled on here? Sorry for all the questions I'm struggling and love him so much it hurts.
In love with my ex husband what do I do now?
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