How to get past a guy?

Long story short, I had a crush on my guy friend who I later found out was gay. We have an emotional connection which made it worse, and I think he was struggling with his sexuality because we almost dated. I sorta fell in love with him even though I know now that we're just friends. I wanna be able to date other guys because I need to be able to move past this (and I'm not into rebounds).

To make things worse he's leaving in two weeks and I don't know if and when I'll see him again cause we're going to different schools next year. I'm already crying about that and I'm depressed and can barely focus on my exams. Saying goodbye is gonna hurt and make it even harder to get past him and see other guys. Every guy I meet now I end up comparing to him and I hate it. Like I said it wasn't really a breakup... we just al, lay dated but it's still a complicated mess

How can I move on and be able to see other guys?
How to get past a guy?
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