It's been 2 months and I'm still not over my ex, and don't know if I should contact him first?

He broke up with me 2 months ago, however through those 2 months there's been only maybe 5 days we did contact each other after the first month I stopped trying to find excuses to contact him and basically if we talked he had to contact me first. We had gone out and hung out with each other a few times. Since our break up, he pays, and treats me as if we are dating. He has called me babe, baby, has said he loves and wants me. However his excuse of not coming back is he doesn't deserve me (he messed up and left the relationship before I could break up with him) we have been sexual twice and I let him know that if he's just there for the sex then to just be honest i would understand he claimed no that I'm not a booty call he also thanks me and tell. me it was amazing each time. He's also told me though that I'm his drug and it's hard for him to stay away even though he wants me to find better and if we have a shot it's better till we wait till after graduation. However spring break has come along, he mentioned wanted to hang out no sex and then possibly if I wanted to then sex. Sunday he got into a fight and he told me he was in pain. I advised him to take medicine or something and he said he'd rather be with me. However then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday has passed and I noticed our communication has lessoned. He's snapchat Ted me everyday but the longest was Wednesday the conversation ended when he asked me if I wanted a baby (I was watching my niece) Anyway yesterday it was only 4 snaps between us and not many words. We haven't texted each other.
Should I text him? I was trying to play hard to get by not ever contacting him first but is it possible I made him think I was uninterested. Or since I'm not telling him I want sex he is pulling back. I don't think that's the reason, since he's been wanting to go out and tells me he genuinely wants to go out. I'm hoping it's just because he's been working a lot this week. I do still love him so it's hard for me


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  • Girl... this is the WORST TIME of the breakup. Depression, sadness, anger, hurt, you want to punch them in the face yet you love them and want to be with them... It is like a crack/cocaine addict in rehab having withdrawal symptoms.
    There is no easy way to do this, but you will get over it.. My ex and I broke up a year and a half ago and I still think about them and miss them when I am alone.. That's just life. You broke up for a reason, remember that. As sad as it sounds, if he broke it off with you, he doesn't want to be with you anymore. And trust me, NO ONE breaks off a relationship without prior constant thinking about it first.

    As hard as it sounds and as extremely difficult as this may be... pick yourself up, go do some activities, keep your ACTIVE, busy, 24/7, as much as possible until you're so tired, you just go home and sleep and do that the next day. Hopefully after some time, you will look and realize that you are actually quite fine. C'est la vie and it ain't easy.

    Im sorry to hear about your breakup, but really... the best thing is just to keep on keeping on!

    Listen, he messed up and left the relationship. You are still here left wondering WHAT THE F*CK has happened, but he is right.. he doesn't deserve you and you are too blind to see it. You sound exactly like me in my past relationship. Except I broke it off... He wants his freedom, he wants to be alone and experience life and feels that you are holding him back. HE loves you but he also sees his future without you. I am so sorry to tell you this and as much as it hurts if you are realistic you will see it too. Move on, he truly doesn't deserve you. And if HE told you that... damn, what more is there to say? Stop being a fool blind in love. I was one, you are now one... it is going to hurt like crap, but when you open up and realize what's going on... you will one day thank him for everything and find someone who TRULY does deserve you. This isn't it. Let it go. <3

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