Why are men demonized for cheating, and their mistresses condoned?

It takes two to cheat. Why are men seen as more immoral of the two?


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  • Both women and men are demonized for cheating, some would argue that a woman who is unfaithful and gets pregnant and lies about it to the husband so as to keep him around and provide for her and the child is much worse than a cheating man. Before DNA tests you could not tell who the father of the child was but you could tell if who the father was by blood types sometimes. So a mistress was simply that a mistress any children she had were considered illegitimate and would not inherit the estate.

    Funny how in certain cultures where there is no personal property, only communal property, promiscuous men or women are not looked down up, its not a social stigma, the only sin that a woman can have is not having enough children. Group marriages are still practiced today as is polygamy.


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  • really I thought they were both looked down on. it just so happens that the bigger the guy the harder the fall. in sex scandals such as tiger's, he is the one who is the billion dollar athlete with endorsements. the mistresses are opportunistic whores, they would have slept with anyone, they just got "lucky" enough to sleep with the famous guy to get them even more famous. guys like tiger are already famous and at the height of their success, there is no where else to go but down. the mistresses are vultures and hangers ons, here today gone tomorrow (try to name 3 of them by name without google, I know I cant). the mistresses are seen as classless but they do have more to benefit by way of seedy notoriety and a quick 15 minutes of fame

    • Remember Divine Brown, changed her life, she moved to a nice house, put her kids in a better school, she cashed in thanks to Hugh Grant....

    • Also, remember Ashley Dupre, the call-girl from the Eliot Spizer scandal, came out a millionaire from the scandal/affair. She had nearly a million downloads for her song on iTunes, and was offered a numerous of other opportunities.

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  • I don't know if that's 100% ACCURATE, but maybe because the man has to initially pursue the woman?

    • Quite often it is the other way around. The mistresses lures the guy in, and the guy makes the choice to bite.

      In any case, the guy and the girl have to both make the decision to cheat.

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