I keep going back and forth between two guys!

In the past coupe of years, I have dated two guys. They are completely different. One is loud, funny, arrogant and flirty but has a whole different side to him that is caring, thoughtful, sensitive and he is an amazing listener. The other, is quiet, shy, sweet, and romantic. He isn't to savvy about how a girls mind works though and seems incapable of taking hints. They have both told me they love me, and I really do love them both, but when I broke up with the first guy, I found the second guy, but when the second guy and I broke up I went back to the first guy. I now find myself missing the second guy a lot and I know he still loves me. They each have amazing personalities and are such great guys. I'm sort of stuck, what should I do?


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  • dump em both. go with me


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