I got with my ex?

We broke up a few months ago, we had a period of fighting a lot after we broke up then we had a period of no contact (my choice)
we started talking again a few days ago and he was talking to me a lot and being really nice.
then out of the blue he text me asking to come over and just spend the night with me.
He almost kinda begged saying he needed to see me so I said okay because I love him a lot.
We talked for hours and just laughed and he told me everything like he used to personal stuff and all that.
i iniciated sex with him and it was the best sex we've ever had.
he stayed and cuddled me the whole night not letting me go, in the morning he stayed for a while.
he started texting me again kinda like nothing had happened and said we can't do that again because it's so emotional for him and brings things back and that he doesn't have this connection with anyone else but we can't be together because there's stuff he needs to work on that he can't if he's in a relationship with me. but he still wants to talk and be friends eventually.
Im not sure what to do? Back off for longer and just give him space and not be in contact at all or talk to him and be kind of in his life?
I got with my ex?
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