Called him a liar, was I too harsh for him?

I called my crush a liar, cause he is acting weird...
we've known each other for a year, and he has bailed on me a few times, hasn't answered when he wanted to etc.
I have enough reason not to believe him.
Apparantly, every time we text online, he is not able to write me a message on my phone. It's either off, or broken, or something else. I mean how is he reaching his friends? I just dont believe him. I am also bad with phones... I have a very old version, i dont have many apps on it, but it is not permanetnly switched off. we've known each other for a year, but yeah..
today, he has promised to write me later, but he obviously hasn't... well my somewhat direct answer where I said I dont believe him and I think he was lying might have influenced me...


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  • I think it was spot on. He's a flake

    • thank u, cause I really feel bad now that i said it... but good that u are reassuring me.
      he told me multiple times that his phone was broken (it was) but its been working for a few weeks now, I mean, come on!! he could have switched it on (dont believe he hasnt). he is busy atm, but u always have time for people you care for...

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    • I'm sorry

    • nooo its fine, my value for him is decreasing everytime he does something like that...

  • Are you sure he's interested?

    • yes he told me and I know... but there are some obstacles...
      he has reponded actually... he is not ignoring me when I ask something and he also texts often, but he is very flaky
      I think someone who didn't care wouldn't do this?

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  • why are you bothering with him?

    • I am also wondering

    • Wondering about?

    • If he truly care n likes u.., he wouldn't be flaky... Guys like to go for what they want...