Is he telling the truth?

My boyfriend and i have been together for 2 years, we have a very nice relationship and we are always were loving towards each other. Almost ever Friday we have "girls/guys night" where we seperately go out with our friends ( i with mine, he with his).
We usually sleep in his apartment after these "nights out" but this weekend, me and the girls were out Thursday and he was out with his friends Friday.

We had plans Saturday and Saturday morning, when i call him, he hasn't yet gone to bed and he, a friend and another girl is in his apartment. His friend asked (as he has done many times before) if he and a girl could sleep on the sparebed, and my boyfriend said yes. They all went to sleep, but in the morning my boyfriend invites them down to drink a cup of coffee before going to bed. His friend declines, however the girl does not.
They then sits on the couch and she tries to kiss him, and does so to what he then says no and pushes her away. Because she was still drunk, he lets her sleep on the couch besides him.
This is what he has told me^^^^

He tells me that nothing happened, however when i called he started out by not telling me about it.
20 minutes later he comes to my house (as we planned) and tells me that she kissed him, and that he let her sleep besides him, and claims that nothing has happened, but that he is very sorry he made a poor decision letting her sleep there after she came on to him.

I dont know what to believe, what do you guys think? Does this seem reasonable and should i accept his apology or break up?
Is he telling the truth?
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