What does it mean when my boyfriend wants a break?

me and my boyfriend been fight a lot and I broke up with him and I try to take it back and he said he wants a break for at least a week.


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  • Sounds like you hurt him. If you broke up with him, you can't necessarily snap your fingers and have him back. If he wants space it could be for a multitude of reasons, including doing something that upsets you (because you upset him).

    If he says he wants a break for a week though, it doesn't sound too serious. I would cut off contact with him for a week. No communication at all. By the end of the week he'll probably be dying to have you back


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  • With all that turmoil, I can't blame him. He wants a break to clear his mind and have some peace. So, he meant exactly what he said. If he's really into you, he'll be sure to come back to you when his head is straight.

  • It means exactly what he says. If you are asking if it means anything more, then it's likely but there's no way to tell. If you wonder if he's refering to the exclusivity of the relationship (i.e. he wishes to hook up with other girls) then that's a probability - but less likely.

    What is obvious is that he's exhausted from your relationship and that he's not enjoying it anymore.

    I don't know how much you guys are into each other and how deep are your break downs. But there has to be a time when things don't really work out and you move on.


  • Fighting a lot is not a good sign, who starts them usually, it means the relationship is over, he might have found someone else, that could be the reason behing it or he just might be over you..


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