Can I get him back or will he ever come back?

Me and my boyfriend broke up on Friday after him telling me he wanted to talk the Friday before that. He had said he wasn't feeling the way he thought he should and got a lot of things in perspective. He said if this is how he's feeling he can't continue relationship. He also Said he felt like we were not growing closer. Mind you he secluded himself say for me and our friends in March due to stress. So I think the lack of closeness is his fault bc I was there and he was the one secluded, I feel like he caused this and his stress did too. I just wish we can have a second chance. Do you think my one day he will see he was dumb for doing that? Maybe want to try Again. Is there anyway to get him back and did anyone ever experience this with someone? I'm giving him some space and I hope that helps. He didn't delete me off any social media or anything so I don't know help!! Love him a lot and we are so alike. Something tells me we are not done like we will have another chance one day. Is that dumb? That I think that sometimes feel that and I do but OCan't predict the future only he can decide but I'm not sitting here just waiting either.


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  • be strong ! forget about him, waiting kills the soul and destroys the strongest humen, so continue your life and focus on your self make him run aftter you, if not then he is not worth it and probably looking for a reason to brake up with you, so don't keep waiting live your life, every day passes is counted on you and will not come back so be smart !


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