Guys, If you were in his shoes, would you ever come back?

My ex (of an on and off again 3-year relationship) broke up with me about 3 weeks ago. He claims that the reasons why were the following:

- The relationship wasn't right.
- I wasn't the one for him.
- He feels like he's the "teacher" and I'm the student
- He couldn't find his center while being with me

Yes, I know that I should be listening to what he's saying but just a month before we were talking casually about marriage. Two more months before that he was telling me how he felt like our relationship was special and that it's hard for people to find something like it.

And yes, I do admit that I have always been very dependent, needy, clingy and not to mention a wee bit controlling. For every time that we've broken up, I've tried to fix my flaws because I knew how much it had a negative impact on us. But old habits are hard to get rid off, and that's why I feel strongly that the breakup was because of that same reason again.

I'm currently trying to find happiness without him. Trying to grow to finally be a different person than who I was in the relationship. So I guess what's leaving my heart in painful knots is my certain feeling that he'll never come back to me again. Even if I do become that person he decides he needs in his life, I can't help but not trust the universe to bring him into my life again. This is REAL life. The people that you love and let go never come back to you even if they're meant to be with you.

Men (preferably 25-27 years of age) I want to know what you think about my situation. I'm a college girl who's got one more year left in college, and he's a stable guy with a career already going for him.

I can live without him. I just don't want to. I don't ever want to.
Guys, If you were in his shoes, would you ever come back?
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