How do I get over my girlfriends past?

So me and this girl have been dating for the past 2-3 months, and I really like her and our relationship is pretty good, but there's just one thing, she used to be a hoe. I know it's childish and wrong to dwell on the past like that, but it's something I just can't get over. I've tried to let it go, but everytime we get intimate like kissing and stuff, I can't help but to think that it means nothing since she's done this with so many other guys. Everytime I point out a guy at school 9/10 it's someone she's had some type of thing with (all different guys). But the biggest thing I have a problem with is that she claims to be a virgi and that's what she tells me, but her bestfriend already told me that she wasn't and that my girlfriend told her that it didn't count because apparently he didn't "pop her cherry". I really like this girl and can see us having a future together as we both want to go to the same college and major in the same profession. I've already fallen in love with her so I'm willing to do anything possible to get over this, but if I can't I feel like this will ruin our relationship which I don't want to because we already argue about this. So basically I just need any tips on how to get over this or maybe it might just be time to let her go as she may end up dictating my future. ANY help will be greatly appreciated as this may save our relationship, thank you!
How do I get over my girlfriends past?
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