Do I really lost him forever! ?

I think I lost him forever my boyfriend & I were in relationship for 8 month a serious one we was friends before he tells me he loves me we know each other for 3 years a year ago he came & tell me he want me with him then he brake up because he think that my parent will refuse & had a money issue we get back 8 month ago & my parent agree & we start a serious relationship to get married but there's a difficulties ( money & his school & he may go to military as requested in our country) last month we had a many fights I was so needy , so clingy we had fights so break for days & get back & get fight again for a month he was in huge stress last 2 weeks he break up with me because he's not happy with me I beg him a lot but he change his number & block me on facebook I always beg him after every fight & he get back but we get fight again some fight in small things but I think he is so stressed so he get upset for any word I admit that I was wrong in most fights I miss him , we have a great memory before I was turned to someone I don't like needy clingy talking too much I think I lost him forever he's the one who start the no contact & refuse to be friends I don't know what to do to get him back & be happy with me again I feel hopelees help me please
Do I really lost him forever! ?
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