A break-up because of so-called incompatibility?

A month ago my boyfriend (38) broke up with me after 2 years because of lack of compatibility. This year I would move to his country to live together because now we were apart. He sent me an email and that was it. He didn't respond my messages, just short "thank you" when I wished him good luck on the exam. On Friday, after one month he sent a message that I should stop trying. He also said that he doesn't hate me (like I think) but we have too less in common for future together. When I asked him to name those incompatibile aspects, he didn't respond. So I think even he doesn't know them.
For sure, for you the situation is clear - he doesn't want this relationship and he doesn't want me to contact him. But... from my perspective it's a bit different. I mean... 2 years ago when we were just dating, one day he texted me that it's over because it will not work, we are too different. He even started to hate me to erase his feelings towards me. After a month he visited me (700km away) and he said that he got freakin' scared about being together (he is divorced). He got scared to lose his space, to lose his independence. He even "dumped" me after 5 days of our acquaintance (we met on lg course and we lived in the same dormitory, we just spent evenings together) and then he came and told me that he got scared.
We lived apart 2 years and of course we had our ups and downs but we always found a way to work things out. We visited each other every month, we spent Christmas together, Easter, birthdays, holidays, I met his parents and son, he met my family. He said that we will have a child together ( said this in February) and then one month later he informed me that we don't have a base to talk, that we have different visions of future... which is not true. We had stress because I had fears to move out (lg, work) but it's normal I think.
What do you think? Is there something I can do? I think I will wait now to show him that he doesn't really want me to stop trying.
A break-up because of so-called incompatibility?
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