My Ex is trying to get me back, what do I do?

Ok so my ex messaged me last night. We've been broken up for 1 month and I broke it off because of his behaviour towards me. He decided he was going to his friends wedding without even telling me I wasn't invited, he just booked it off of work. He said he was going to tell me but when I was next to him I saw a date drafted on his phone, I asked him about it and he changed the topic. I said no why have you got that on your phone and he then explained I wasn't invited, when I got upset he told me to stop being silly. His excuse for me not being invited was due to budget, when I said he could of offered to pay for me he then changed it and said it's due to her only wanting family there!

We have several issues and most of them revolve around her. I said he can be friends with her but I don't want anything to do with her. Mainly cause they've been taking coke together for the past 10 years and promised he wouldn't do it again. But he also promised me he wouldn't go to her wedding without me and he is still going even after saying he wants me back and he's going to a rave which he told me he wouldn't be going to anymore raves when we were together.

He said if we get married she'll be there, if we get a house she'll be coming over and if we had kids I should imagine she'd be like an Aunty. I said that's unfair on me and he didn't care how I felt.

After saying I didn't want anything to do with her he said do you want kids, I said I'm unsure and he knows this. We're living with our parents, not even engaged, and can't afford a place. And I'm 22 I said I Deffo don't want them yet if at all and he said he wants them more than anything.

He wants to talk through all of this but I don't see him changing his mind or even meeting me half way on any of it? I tried comprising before and he wouldn't have it. There's been more than this going on. She text him do you wanna be my date (winky face) when the were organising an event together. Also loads of faces blowing kisses too!
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One week after the break up he went back onto the dating site I found him on 1 yr into our relationship. He made a new one and has been active every day! He isn't meeting them as far as I can tell but he's chatting to women on there.
My Ex is trying to get me back, what do I do?
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