Will he ever come back, and we can be together again?

boyfriend broke up with me officially on Friday and tried to the Friday before that. He has been battling with a lot of stress lately with finding a job etc. he shot alotnof people out including our friends and me basically. He never wanted to go out or hang. I got him out last Monday he seemed happier he found a job. We had a blast and everything seemed fine. He told me it was nothing I did wrong and it was him. He told me he wasn't feeling what he thought he should and felt like we weren't getting closer which I find to be frustrating because he was the one to shut himself out how could we do that. I love him and we get along great and have a lot in common basically the same. I'm saying if this happened to him and such could he realize that maybe he wants me back and to try again. It was to good to just give up. I see myself with him for a long time and I really hope I can have that second chance with him. I'm going to give him time and then maybe text him eventually but not yet. Maybe he will in a week. We kind of left things weird too. He did it over the phone and we kind of just were like ok bye with me crying looking like a fool and that's why he didn't want to do it in person because it would be harder.
Will he ever come back, and we can be together again?
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