Help with Ex girlfriend situation?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me almost 2 months ago over stupid arguments and and got frustrated with everything else.. Anyways she did it very cold and over text.. I had to force her to pick up tne phone because that not right.. We we're together for 5 months and were very close and she was over for family events etc vice versa for me too. She's said to me she couldn't get over our last argument which was notning serious it was honestly about if I can post a Instagram photo and I insisted a few times but never posted it, she started going off how it's always my way? I dont listen to what she say? All this stuff and I always treated her like gold and helping her through her depression.. Always there for her. She totally cancelled me out of her life blocking me on all social media. I tried texting her 2 times if we can talk in person and no answer. Before he breakup I even tried for whatever reason she got so upset about I brought her to a basketball game as well... I never swore or anything to her in my life. It's been since my last attempt 3 weeks and I'm not trying again. She was such a good girl and I love her more than anything but she did a whole 180 on me.. I also work with her but I don't work the same days. I said I wanted my stuff back then and she agreed to leave it on the porch the next day of the breakup but she never followed up or anything so I don't know about that.. She said she lost feelings for me and can't look at me the same? What should I do I want her back but I feel boxed in not knowing what to do... I feel she's gone forever... She used to tell me how blessed she was to find me and it was nice not arguing like she's used to with past exs.. I just don't understand...
Help with Ex girlfriend situation?
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