How Can I Get Over This ?'

I had been going out with my ex boyfriend . I'm 15 years old we were together for 6 months and we were almost at the point were I was going to have a child . While we both thought I was prego we left me on my birthday and started dated someone else on that same exact date . I know it is extremely f***ed up . But for some reason I am not able to get him out of my mind. I even thought of fighting the girl that took him away from me . and I have confronted him on why he left me with no warning . and all he said was I don't feel the same way anymore ,


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  • I take it that you found out that you weren't really pregnant after all? But, he left you while he thought you were still pregnant? And if you were really pregnant, what would have happened to you? Girl, it is a blessing that you weren't pregnant with this guys kid because he obviously showed his true colors. He is not worth your time.

    While I can't condone sexual activity in a 15 year old, I realize that first loves can be really intense and hard to forget, but you are better off for this. Take some time, and look at this situation realistically. It's unlikely at 15, that you're gonna find someone who will want to be in a relationship for the long haul. We are all slaves to our hormones at this age, especially young men and unfortunately we aren't always emotionally able to deal with the consequences of having sex. You are still developing into the person you will become and learning from experiences that will help you make better judgments as an adult.

    So, now is your time to learn, that having sex can and will lead to pregnancy if you don't protect yourself. Sex doesn't always mean the same things to a man as it does to a woman. In this case that is so. While you obviously cared about your boyfriend very deeply, he didn't care enough about you and left you when he thought you were pregnant! Why would you want to be tied forever to someone who could treat you so callously? If he could treat you like that, lord knows how he would treat a child. Not to mention, he's probably going to treat the girl he left you for the same way he treated you: like garbage.

    This is a good thing, although it may not seem like it at the moment. You may be hurting, but it won't last forever. You can learn from this. Learn what to expect out of a potential partner. What a good man does and does not do. When it is appropriate to have sex, and if you're going to have sex, how to take the necessary measures to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

    Eventually, you will find someone else who is better suited to you. Who cares about you and will stick with you through your ups and downs. Don't let this experience make you feel like you don't deserve someone good. You do and it will happen when it's time. So, for now, just enjoy life and being young don't let the fact that you're not in a relationship define who you are.


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  • One: why the hell are you trying have a baby at age 15 that miss up your future. Two: don't try to fight his new girlfriend may be she didn't know and it show that your the bad guy. And three if you still fill like beating up someone beat him. She was not the one that break up with you he was and if you try to do beat him up try bring some friends or family ' not your mom or dad like your big brother's or sister's young uncle or ante ,big cousin so when it happen it will all around the neighbor hood what happen to him then he fill your pain that what you went throw.

  • He doesn't respect you , he used you, he's not ino you...

  • Wow you're soo stupid. 15 year old having unprotected sex and fighting for a boyfriend who probably only wanted you for sex anyway.. Cool.. You loser.

    Yes, this world is extremely F****** up.


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  • Im 16 , & ii know its hard qettinq over a break-up .

    especially if yu had supper stronq feelinqs for that person .

    but trust me , eventually yu'll forqet about him . if he was ment

    to be for yu then he'll realize what he did was f***ed up & maybe he'll

    chanqe for yu . but if he isn't willinq to do that then , juss stop talkinq to

    him & try forqettinq about him by qoinq out with friends , or maybe

    even meetinq a new boy !


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