Would You Move On If You were Me?

Hello I need some much needed advice, from a strangers perspective. Long story short, this happened last March, for the first 3 months with this man, things were amazing. We clicked like I have never clicked with anyone before in my life. Things started going down hill in the 4th month, insecurities from my past and insecurities from his past crept up. We ended up breaking up, but still continued to do the things that couples do. He initiated a relationship, and we put the label back on it. The same mistakes repeated again, and we ended up breaking up again. The second time we broke up, we ended up having sex a couple of hours later, right before I left. Last August was the last time I had any formal contact with him. He stopped talking to me, I was moving on with my life, and ran into him on a dating profile. We were highly matched, for months I heard not a word from him and I was pissed that he was on the market again and not so much as give me an explanation. So I had one of my friends create a fake profile, he spewed a bunch of lies, and I admitted to it by confronting him. He said he knew the whole time that it was me and how pissed off he got because he never expected this from me. He claim to have gotten so mad that he cried, cursed, and punched a wall. He said to me in the e-mail if you want another chance then you have to give me a good damn reason. He still follows me on twitter, and I said to him, if you want this to be really over between us, if you want nothing more to do with me. Then un-follow me, he still has not and I don't understand why? If he is not talking to me, then why have me apart of his social media life. What's his motive? As crazy as this is, I still love him, but I don't know. Had he been anyone else I would have closed the door on his ass a long time ago. Yes I have tried to reach out to him, but he gave me the explanation that he was not ready to talk and wanted to spare us both pain. How does he feel about me? I need some clarity.
Would You Move On If You were Me?
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