Completely shocked - what is she thinking?

Ok, I will keep it brief.

Dated a girl for a few months (both late 20's) - she ended things saying she still has feeling for her ex and it wouldn't be fair... this was 2 1/2 months ago.

However she remained in contact with me - said it didn't work out with her ex. We met up a few times and it was like everything was heading back on track... then she would go silent or not respond to me for a few days... very hot and cold behaviour.

Met her last week and she was asking if I was dating anyone, she said she had cut all the men out of her life. She was really flirty and was quite open to meeting again but when I tried to get a day from her she went silent.

She was messaging me over the weekend - it was my birthday and wanted to know if I was out drinking... she was being quite flirty.

Last night I logged onto Facebook and BOOM - she has changed her status to in a relationship... I messaged her and she said it was just a guy she has been seeing.

She has been playing games, hot and cold etc and I didn't know where I stood with her so never pushed things... I just find it really odd that 24 hours before she updated her status she was flirting with me. Part of me wants to believe that this is done to get a reaction out of me (2 weeks ago she was saying she has cut men out) but I don't think she would put that on FB just to get a rise out of me...

Gutted, heartbroken and feel stupid for letting myself be played.

I never replied to her text - part of me wanted to say I hope her happiness, part of me wanted to say how I really feel. I just dont know what to think.
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So now she is ramping things up... photo of meal she made - a meal she said she would make for me and also put it on snapchat so I would see it... makes my angry and laugh at the same time as she is obviously trying to get a rise from me!
Completely shocked - what is she thinking?
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