Does he still love me or does he hate me?

I had a run in with my ex fionce whilst out with friends. It was the first time in two years we have seen eachother and he couldn't have been any more awkward of he tried. He was all fidgety when walking passed looking at the roof the ground everywhere but at me when I was walking straight towards him, he couldn't aknowledge me at all.
We were together for three years and engaged for two. We were soulmates or so I thought, madly in love but so bad for eachother, so alike. The same person in different bodys, we broke up and got back together a year later when I had to leave him again due to not wanting to tear my family apart.
We are both happy with new people so what is the deal. Why is a simple hello so hard. Why is looking me in the eye without speaking to aknowledge the fact I am alive so hard.
I can't help but feel hurt about this.
Any clue as to what he may have been thinking?
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Does he still love me or does he hate me?
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