How should I deal with ex?

I was in a relationship for 5 years. Last week I had a bad time at work and just wanted to spend time with my SO. We spent the evening together had a meal everything was going well and then he said he didn't want me to stay at his as I was getting up early in the morning and he wanted to sleep in. I felt rejected by this. Over the next few days I decided to prioritise my own needs and just get on with things. He called me on Saturday and I didn't answer. On Sunday I rang him. He said things weren't working out and that he wanted to be friends. I didn't take this well and we didn't end on good terms. I just wanted to know if there is any point in me sending him an email to say I accept what he is saying and sorry for reacting in the way I did or should I just leave it?
How should I deal with ex?
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