Belittling and lying to a man?

I've been dating a guy for about 6 months now and lately we've been having communication issues. He dealing with a lot in his life right now, issues with his job, money, and trying to avoid his ex who is a stalker. I've been trying my hardest to trust him with everything thats going on. Lately he's been kind of distant. H e won't have sex with me and he doesn't really ask to see me as much. He's says he's trying to get his life back on track, which i can understand. But all i want is to let him know that I'm here but he insist on pushing me away. He came out the blue and told me that he thinks we should just be friends and that he needs to focus on getting his life together. But he told me in the beginning how he wants us to be together but now this. Of course i tried to convince him otherwise but he said he'd rather be friends and that i deserved better. i went a week of NC and he kept calling me claiming he only wanted to know was i ok. I decided to answer and we had a cool convo and i made the assumption that he wanted me back. The next day i popped up at his apt to makeup ;) and he was furious. He said it reminded him of his crazy ex and that by me doing that he can't ever move foward with me. he also said we're not compatible because i don't see the wrong in what i did. i became furious and left and i sent him a text telling him that, "i hope you get weak enough to go back to her so she can ruin your life all over again... then i said "fuck you with that thin ass limp dick of yours" he said he'll never talk to me again. i got scared and panicked. the next day i lied about being pregnant. he knew right away i was lying and he said that it was childish and manipulative to do something like that. we didn't talk for 3 weeks and he suddenly called me. he stated how he been looking on my social media and then he started talking about what i did. he started arguing with me and i rush him off the phone. does he miss me? or did he just need to vent
Belittling and lying to a man?
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