What can I do? Girlfriend says I look at every girl's legs when they wear shorts or skirts... Do I really disrespect her that blatantly?

I do admit I have something for legs (I hope you don't mind me telling) but it's not that I am addicted and obsessed with it that I fantasize about every pair of them that I look at. But truth is, I know of and saw guys gawking / ogling / staring like a primate, but that's completely not what I do.

Then when I got it through that I didn't stare, she said I looked, like for a couple of seconds, but at every single girl that passes by who wear shorts or short skirts. Sometimes I notice that but times that she confronted me about it, I am sure I did not.

For example, on Saturday, there was a woman wearing revealing garments walking in front of us (like around 10 meters?) and I noticed her but I sure did not stare at her, I just kept looking straight and looking around. Because long long time ago, I used to stare at the ground and not look up, probably because I didn't have much confidence and I wanted to look without being too obvious. After she realised this problem, I stopped looking at the ground, but then she catches me taking a glimpse when I look around. So later I resolved to looking at her, like completely head turned like a freak. But she's upset about it because by doing that it means that I am attracted to every woman who passes by and cannot help to look unless I turn my head completely away from them. So we decided that I should look higher up.. like near ceiling level... and well... that's not possible.

And so on Saturday... she said that I was starting at the girl's legs from far. I mean... I barely remember seeing that girl and what she wore... But when i was confronted about it, it does make me recall certain things... like the color of the dress she wore.. (because well, i had a look and looked away) and she said if I didn't pay that much attention on her, then I would have noticed what other people wore too. So i told her that i noticed students wearing white dresses as uniform... and i couldn't recall much anything else..

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Her conclusion was that I am addicted to women wearing shorts or dress or skirt because I want to look at their legs. But fact is, I don't.
Two things I wanna confess right here first

A. We are quite far apart, regarding age and by that I need to say I'm not a pedophile. So I tend to have things popping in my head from time to time.. like when I can't sleep at night, things like she's going before me.. and she's gonna walk alone. and whether or not she's gonna come for me when it's my time
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And for 2,

I was still very caught up with what in my head the other night and I wasn't all there. I only slept for 2 hours because we had another argument on Friday ( about how i didn't tell her i stayed till 11ish 12 at Uni )
What can I do? Girlfriend says I look at every girl's legs when they wear shorts or skirts... Do I really disrespect her that blatantly?
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