Has anyone gotten back with their ex after they dated someone else?

Our relationship lasted a year and he ended things, saying he fell out of love with me. Reason being I kind of shut down on him, stopped being affectionate, etc. Acted like I couldn't care less if we were together or not, when in reality he was everything to me. I didn't treat him the way I should have. Now he is with someone he started talking to days after he dumped me and within 3 weeks of their relationship they were throwing the "I love you's" around. I think its a rebound, but its been 2 months already & they seem very happy. I try not to keep tabs on them too much, I stay off of social media. However its been 3 months since our breakup & I still love him just as much, if not more than I did at the time. He's been moved out for 2 months and we haven't spoken. I'm hoping that someday we can maybe work things out, I'm working on myself right now. But has anyone ever gotten back together with an ex after the ex has dated someone else since the breakup? I realize there's a huge chance that I'm wasting my time, but I want to see if anyone else has had success.
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3 weeks after he dumped me he said he wanted to work things out and fall in love with me again & it went great for about 3 days and then he went cold again. The girl he's dating is opposite of me, very affectionate and obsessive over their relationship. They always post and tag each other lovey dovey stuff, which is why I chose to remove myself from social media for awhile. He always said his biggest pet peeve were couples who obsess over each other on facebook & now he is one of those couples.
Has anyone gotten back with their ex after they dated someone else?
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