What are the most common reasons for couples break up?


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  • 1. Growing Apart
    2. Fighting over other people
    3. Cheating
    4. Long Distance
    5. Outside opinions on the relationship getting involved in the relationship.

    Hope that helps :)


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  • Some reasons I can think off is:

    1. Falling out of love.

    2. Losing interest and curiosity to know about the other person.

    3. Liking someone else, getting attracted to someone else ( which can lead to cheating and eventually break up).

    Now this might not lead to cheating but still the other person can break up because someone else has already come into the picture are they are thinking about them, want to be with them and so your current boyfriend/lover is slowly being removed out of the picture. Hence eventually it will lead to break up.

    4. Cheating!. Of course that is self explanatory.

    5. False promises, broken promises, unfulfilled promises that leads to anger and dissapointment and eventually break up.

    6. Lying and broken trust : Lying is a very bad habit and it can totally break trust and eventually the relationship itself leading to break up.

    7. Jealousy: Another factor that can totally destroy relationship and cause break ups. Now is jealousy it can happen that one partner starts feeling jealous or the other partner purposely tries to make the other partner jealous by playing mind games. In both the cases it lead to break up.

    That's all I can think off


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  • Men just wanted to bang me, and got into the relationship in the first place because l said l didnot engage in casual sex. When l got dumped its because neither of these men were ready to commit seriously and l was. Recent split was because l felt like my boyfriend was using me for sex. My body frame is a curse petit with curves, big boobs and ass, and an inteligent mind

  • Lack of communication. It's that simple talk and things will be fine. I need to take my own advise lol

  • People going for looks and falling for the person's face, then realising they have nothing in common or that they're not compatible.

    Cheating due to finding someone better or giving in to lust.

    Losing the spark that made the relationship fun and exciting, making it boring and stale.

    Ideologies as having different opinions can lead to fights and more hostile behaviour.

    Personal problems that get in the way of a relationship e. g. health issues, family problems etc.

  • 1. Infidelity
    2. Long distance
    3. Grow apart
    4. Boredom

  • Less communications
    Crying all the time
    Money problems
    Family problems
    Sex problems (the guy wants but the girls doesn't want or the opposite) (pragnancy)
    fighting for a long time
    Flirting with other people

  • One or both of them change & they no longer have the same connection.

  • Money

  • Sex gets boring
    Routine gets boring
    Eventually people run out of things to say
    You realize you never really liked them
    You start to think about the future and they're not in it


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  • One of them, usually the better looking one, finds someone 'better'.