What would you think of your ex?

what would you think of ur x if you know she has gone out with like 3 guys before you and gone out with 1 after you broke up and kinda still likes you and she really wants 2 b friends but your way 2 heart broken 2 forgive her or go out with her or even communicate with her .then she started 2 like your best friend what would you think of her


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  • I'd think she needs to make up her mind. I'd avoid her because of the potentiality of heartbreak.

  • I'd think you're a stuck-up selfish bitch who doesn't actually give a f*** about me. Stay away from his best friend if you actually care about your ex. If you do ANYTHING with his friend, you're probably going to kill their friendship. He's already lost you, don't take away his friend as well.

    A similar situation occurred to me relatively recently. My ex broke up with me and immediately she and my ex-best friend started seeing each other. Literally in two days I lost two of the most important people in my life (not counting family). It sucks and I feel like neither of them care at all about me. Being hurt like that is devastating.

    So if you actually care about your ex-bf even a little bit, let him at least keep his best friend and self-respect. Be a little honorable and move on.


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