Being friends with your ex?

Its a long story so bare with me.
My boyfriend and I have been fighting non stop for the past month. We always fight, but these past few weeks have just been awful. And last Saturday was the last straw. But im not even mad or angry... and its weird bc usually i am. I think im just so done that he knocked all my emotion out of me that i can't even cry or be sad over it.

2 days after the big fight, i had to go to his place so we could fix my car he accidently dented. We both knew it was solely for that purpose and then after i would leave. We were quiet in the car and then we blew up into an argument and then slowly but surly he started to understand where i was coming from and said sorry and started being nice and sweet. I even thought to myself, why can't he just stay this way? Why does he always have to have a temper with me? He was really sweet and funny and charming that day. I left early and then when i got home he texted "so are we friends" i said "I dont know"..

My heart wants to be with him but my brain and everything else tells me to run. Today he called and said he has my registration card for the car and bla bla bla. I knew it was just an excuse to call. There was a silence and then he went on talking about his day at work like how he would before the incident. Our phone calls were the thing that glued us together.. we would sleep on the phone and have literally 20 hour calls every day. During that call, we had a small argument about what we are and how he was wrong for the fight and its my call whether we stay together or not. I finally said we should take a break. He asked if i wanted to see other people, i said no. But the thing is, i dont want to break up with him.

Im giving myself a whole month to be single and to just focus on myself. I dont want to lose him and of course i would be destroyed if he found someone else, but im just so exaughsted at this point. I dont want to stop talking to him all together. Can exes really be just friends?


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  • They can, up until one starts dating someone else. The second he starts dating someone else, his SO will want you out of the picture.
    If you're worried about him meeting someone else, then you shouldn't have asked for a break.

    • Im starting to regret it now..:/

    • It's not too late to fix things. Call him, tell him you made a mistake and realize that he's all you really need.

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