My ex has a new girlfriend after a month of us breaking up and still sleeps with me?

My ex and I were in an on and off relationship for 7 years. One day he just stopped talking to me for 2 weeks and then told me that things between us are not working out and that he wants to break up. I was hurting but I was strong enough to let it go as he was right it wasn't working. He loved me and I loved him but we never had time for each other because of our very different schedules and work/school commitments. So we didn't speak for a month after the break up and then he told me he was seeing someone etc... A few weeks later I really missed him so I messaged him something random and we ended up meeting up that night and sleeping with each other. After that we were cuddled up to each other and I could tell the love was still there. He then told me how he's unhappy with his life but he loves the new girl and doesn't want to hurt her. He kept asking me about the guys I'm seeing and kept asking if I actually like them etc or if I'm just lonely and it's only for sex. I love him I really do but I don't know what to do in this position? He claims to love someone else 2 months after our relationship ended. I love him so I want to keep seeing him but I don't want to be the other woman. I don't know what to do please help me! Does he really love her? Does he love me? He seems confused and undecided and when we're together it's like nothing bad ever happened. HELP


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  • how about you dump that sack of shit and get yourself in a real and healthy relationship?

  • Than stop sleeping with him or her!


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