What do I do? False accusation?

So my girlfriend and I of over two years have broken up. She broke up with me, but the feeling was sort of mutual. We both agreed to stay friends as we have grown close to each other. But here's the kick to the balls. She acts kind to me face to face, but talks nothing but shit about me when I'm not around. Recently she started this rumor about me and now almost all of my female friends and some of my male friends have left me. According to her I was abusive and made constant threats, and she feels safer without me. She has said that I threatened her with violence and if I didn't get my way I would harm her.
I have never abused her once! The most I've ever done was grab her shoulders gently to keep her from getting in a fight, and now she's saying I nearly threw her across the room! People think I'm an abuser and are starting to hate me! One of our mutual friends threatened to beat me up if I ever talked to my ex again! What do I do?


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  • Do not stress over this. Do not even worry about it. She needs mental help. You know that you are not an abuser. And for your so called friends to leave you because of one false rumor proves to you that they were never your friends to begin with. Forget all of them. You don't need people like that in your life. Do not talk to your ex again, do not even talk to the so called mutual friends. Move on with your life. Focus on school and having fun and keeping yourself happy.


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  • Give her a warning

    tell her if she doesn't stop this then you are going to report her to the police because that is defamation of character. Hope she is smart to change then. No one , no man nor woman should have to go through this. This is VERY serious and shouldn't be taken lightly.


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  • And that's why people should never stay friends with their ex.

    Tell her you know of the lies and that she better stop


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