My girlfriend broke up, says it all went to fast and she still has feelings for her ex, should I fight for her?

So me and my girlfriend had about 2 months (i know, very short) we started dating about a month after she broke up with her ex (they had been dating for about 1.5 years). We've talked about it and we both felt good doing it, so we got in a relationship. Her ex terrorised her, hacking her facebook and making disgusting comments towards her in the friends group app (they are in the same group of friends). After two months of our relationship she said she had doubts, she still felt something for her ex and needed time to figure out what she wanted.. I've told her that she knows it's a stupid choice and he treated her like crap (he was depressed), I told her that it was not going to change, that at first it might but after a while everything would go back to the same old situation.. We never had a chance to really "take off" since it was so short.

So that's the situation, I'm a fighter, I want to make a relationship happen, it's not something I do "just for fun".. when I'm in, I do whatever it takes to save it. Should I fight for her? Would I even have any chance?

I'm looking for people that had similliar situations or that have been in the shoes of my ex. I mean it can't be that she just lost all feelings for me suddenly?
Went a little to quick out there, apparantly she has no regret whatsoever. Let my feelings run it's course and it backfired (like 99% of the time). Both feet on the ground again


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  • Do not fight for this chick. Let her go. There is something mentally wrong with a woman who wants to go back to a man who has treated them like $hit. She obviously likes what he is doing to her. Do you honestly want a chick like that? Hell no. You are wasting your time. And it is possible she lost feelings so suddenly because she never had feelings for you in the first place. You were just her distraction for a little while. I have been on both sides of this fence. Let her go... now. You dodged a major bullet sweetie. Let's celebrate her departure. xoxoxoxoxo

  • " Her ex terrorised her, hacking her facebook and making disgusting comments towards her in the friends group app (they are in the same group of friends)"

    After all this and she still wants to go back? She must be some kind of idiot > no offense! It makes me soo angry when women do this.

    I think I understand that she is running back to him because part of it has to do with that probably being with him for 1.5 years , there's a lot of history and he may have been her first real love.
    But I dont think she should go back to a guy who treats her that way, he seems way immature and very destructive. Has he started hacking, since she left or before she left their relationship?

    • Yes but history should NEVER be a reason to go back, I told her that and I told her that we could have a history too, we just didn't have the time to make one yet.. but she didn't care. He hacked her facebook when she got in a relationship with me.. also he didn't even want her back untill she started dating me. He didn't care untill she was happy with me, that's not love to me.

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    • @SweetMissShar I know right. He is being selfish and he doesn't even love her.

    • @SweetMissShar yes i understand, and i too believe that he doesn't really want her back because he loves her.. But try telling my ex haha.

      I'm doing fine by the way now, i accepted it, its not my fault and i can't change it.

      Thank you :)

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  • sounds to me like she was on the rebound. 1.5 years is a relatively long time to date and most likely entering into a relationship only 1 month after the break-up means she was not over her boyfriend.

    i think you have to let her go


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